Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Make Your Event Succesfull with Patio Heaters

Are cold days hurting your business? Are you organizing a party inside the home rather than outside? Do you have to push your event date because of cold days and night?, if the answers to these questions are yes, then this article is for you.

John needed to organize an event for his NGO to help children who were poor and differently abled. It was a fund raiser type event. He needed to make sure that the event should be in a place where people won't feel suffocated and the place should be large enough to hold a large number of people. He decided to do this event in an open ground with all the general facilities. He started searching for grounds which were available for events. He decided everything the venue, the caterers, the food, the beverages, date, guest list, etc. 

He sent the invitation to all his guests and in a week the event was going to happen. Between that time, he himself went to a wedding reception of one of his friends. It was the time of winter and John realized that most of the guests at the reception were feeling cold including himself. People were not comfortable and many were leaving just after wishing the couple. Some were rubbing their hands continuously to have a feel of warmth. That time he realized that this same thing will happen in his event because as the event is in an open ground, they will feel cold and if his guests are not comfortable, then  they won't stay for much longer and the fund raising for the poor and differently abled children won't be a big success. 

He planned everything, but forgot about the cold climate. Now, he thought how to tackle this natural thing of God. The event was due in 3 to 4 days. One night he went to a restaurant with his friend and they were discussing this problem. Then John said to his friend "Even though we are sitting outside don't you feel a little warmer here compare to other restaurants?", his friend agreed with him. John called the manager and asked him about this. The manager replied,"Sir, we have patio heaters here at our restaurant for the people who likes to sit outside in open air". John said, "where? I can't see it?". 

The manager replied,"Sir, the umbrella type structure you are seeing are the patio heaters. They generate radiant heat so that you don't feel cold and have a pleasant experience here". John was thrilled as he found the answer to his event problem. But then again just for one event he can't buy patio heaters because that would cost him a lot. So, he asked the manager that for one night, can he hire their patio heaters on rent?. But manager denied because they could not compromise the experience of customers, but he gave them an agency number named patio heaters hire who gives patio heaters on rent for events and functions. 

John called the agency and gave them all the details about his event and hired them to get him the patio heaters. The next thing you know, the event started and everything was set including the patio heaters. The event was a big success, a large amount of fund was collected to help the poor and differently abled children. Had this been a successful event if patio heaters were not hired?, definitely not.