Thursday, 16 October 2014

Planning the Perfect Vintage Garden Party

Nothing quite lifts your spirits like a vintage garden party and it can be just as much fun outdoors as indoors, thanks to vintage marquee hires, meaning you’ll actually have a wide ranges of venue to choose from, year round.

Once you’ve set a date, decided on the location and sent out the invitations, the real fun can begin and you can really let your imagination run wild. That being said, there's a lot of planning to do so you'll want to make a "Things to Consider and Do" list and take it with you everywhere you go. The following suggestions will help you get started on your list.

Figure Out Your Budget
Vintage garden parties can be elaborate or relatively simple affairs, but either way they don't need to break the bank. Set a budget ahead of time, based on the number of guests you expect to attend, the location, food and any hires you may need. If you're planning your party on a budget, when it comes to the menu, you can ask that your guests to bring their own specialty to the party which they'll more than likely be thrilled to do. Who doesn't like to share something that they know everyone will love.

Choosing Your Vintage Marquee Hires
Thank goodness for marquee hires! They're relatively inexpensive and open the door to endless opportunities when it comes to lovely outdoor venues for your party. Most professional hire companies will handle the delivery, set up and tear down as well and even help you plan out the site. You can also hire tables, chairs, chine, catering equipment, cutlery, portable heaters and more for an event hire company.

Choosing the Table Decor
Choosing the table decor is the most exciting part of planning a vintage garden party. The table decor and props you choose can all tie in to a specific theme and using vintage items leaves plenty of room for creativity. For instance, you can choose a colour scheme that is based on your choice of flowers, vintage china and food. White and blue colours are great choices for a seaside theme, spring colours that include greens and yellow are cheerful and uplifting, you can even plan a holiday garden party, even outdoors during the winter months if you feel like being different; just hire some outdoor heaters and marquees.

If you’re planning a traditional vintage garden party, you could start by covering your tables with crisp fine linen, perhaps in a combination of white and a second colour (pink, blue, purple, etc), topped off with a themed flower arrangement and nice linen napkins.  Serve your dainty sandwiches, fresh strawberries and other sweet treats on vintage china, complete with pretty tea cups. If you don't have enough vintage china for all your guests, you can hire regular china and just add a few antique pieces to work in a vintage look.

If you're thinking about making your party a bit informal during the sunnier months, you could also have some nice picnic rugs available and perhaps a few antique patchwork throws available for guests in case there's a chill in the air.